'B'- Craving..

Lastnite I dreamt that I made a delicious, mouth-watering spaghetti bolognese . Haha! Once I woke up from bed that image still lingered in my mind and I can still feel the delightful taste of the bolognese I dreamt before. The symptom I just suffered is called CRAVING. Ugh!! I was starving and was at home all alone. In my mind there was only one thing at that moment…bolognese, bolognese, BOLOGNESE… (Haiyaa.. I blamed Julia Roberts in her movie Eat, Pray Love where she ate this tasty looking bolognese pasta while she was in Italy. Damnnn that pasta looks extremely tempting okayyy)

As I pay no heed to the diets and whatnot I hurried down stairs directly to the kitchen searching for all the ingredients to prepare a spaghetti bolognese. Well there was no spaghetti at home but to compensate that I used macaroni instead =) But personally I prefer penne or macaroni because I think I am capable of eating in a larger potion with penne typed. Hehe.. :-P With my full determination and patience finally I’ve made a “hurmm…Not bad bolognese”-according to the ultimate food critic, my dad! whose fav channel is 703 the AFC (Ayah Fav Channel) haha! and who also happened to finished up all my bolognese. Hehe! At last my craving was fulfilled, my tummy was full, (hopefully I can still wear my jeans), and I am very, very happy =)

My Macaroni Bolognise. nyummeyh!

The NOT so lil' things in life...

more glorious n prosperous years ahead.

After we closed the door of 2010 now we welcome 2011 with an entirely new doormat. Let bygones be bygones and let’s endure the pleasure and pressure that undertakes ahead. We often pine for things that are very luxurious and sumptuous hence we tend to forget the little petty things that brings more meaning to life. As we all race in this busy rapid world to search for money and power there is definitely a high price to pay. Sacrifices should be made and the more time you indulge yourself to work the less quality time u have for your family, friends and love ones. Have u ever question yourself what is the price for having them in your life? It’s priceless.

The little things I do with my family like watching TV together, eating together, sharing laughter or mocking each other are the things that seems so trifling but it matters the most where money can’t buy. Today my dad got home and surprised me with a really cute purple box. Ok it is not my birthday or anything so I was pretty happy to get a present on a random day plus I’m sure everybody at home was green with envy as I was the only one who got it. Hehe :-P I mean come on who doesn’t like presents and surprises right? U hv to admit it does make u feel special and appreciated.*smirk*

Lil' cute purple box from ayah =)

So I opened the box and found a white T-Shirt of Oxford University made under licence from Oxford Ltd itself. *flabbergasted* In addition my dad then bequeathed me with few words,”The best law students comes from Oxford and this T-shirt is very rare here.” Now I finally understand the gift he gave is actually another token of encouragement and a symbol of support to pursue my ambition. In other way he’s telling me don’t give up, be the best and be extraordinary. I realised that the beauty of supporting each other is another thing where no price tag can be attached. Though the cutest thing my dad did was he forgot to open the price tag on that purple box. Haha! (Now I know where u got it ayah! Hehe..)

my oxford tee

Previously on 1.1.11. (pretty cool Date huh?) was my 2nd year anniversary with my boyfriend. Yes we celebrated it on New Years Eve simultaneously with everybody else too and the coolest part is we got free fireworks every year all around the globe plus a public holiday as well. Hehe. Nways after witnessing the spectacular fireworks my boyfriend took out a small box of cake that he hid from me and lit candles on it for me. Aww… that was like super cute as I was completely taken aback. This is exactly the lil’ thing that do not cost that much but the memory and thoughts are incalculable.

2 cakes, 2 candles, 2 years, 2 hearts & 2 souls

Therefore fellow friends, embrace the love that you have may it be a size of a miniature or a giant. Just treasure it and spread the love. So spend some time with your love ones, shower them with affection and cherish every moment that you have or the little things that they do because you never know maybe you won't be able to enjoy those lil' things anymore.

Here are some thoughts to ponder…Money can buy presents but money can’t buy thoughts. You can count money but thoughts are countless bcos at the end of the day thoughts that counts =)

p/s: Thanks Mama for making that home made (own recipe) onion rings for me as I was craving for the A&W's at past midnite! (“u spoilt!”-cried my boyfie :-P) And also thanx Ma, for the eyeliner u got for me.. (wonder how she knew mine was running out.) Perfect! Aww.. Mama ur soo thodful. Now i see that eyeliner is not so small coz after all ur heart and thoughts are wayyy BIGGER. =)