'B'- Craving..

Lastnite I dreamt that I made a delicious, mouth-watering spaghetti bolognese . Haha! Once I woke up from bed that image still lingered in my mind and I can still feel the delightful taste of the bolognese I dreamt before. The symptom I just suffered is called CRAVING. Ugh!! I was starving and was at home all alone. In my mind there was only one thing at that moment…bolognese, bolognese, BOLOGNESE… (Haiyaa.. I blamed Julia Roberts in her movie Eat, Pray Love where she ate this tasty looking bolognese pasta while she was in Italy. Damnnn that pasta looks extremely tempting okayyy)

As I pay no heed to the diets and whatnot I hurried down stairs directly to the kitchen searching for all the ingredients to prepare a spaghetti bolognese. Well there was no spaghetti at home but to compensate that I used macaroni instead =) But personally I prefer penne or macaroni because I think I am capable of eating in a larger potion with penne typed. Hehe.. :-P With my full determination and patience finally I’ve made a “hurmm…Not bad bolognese”-according to the ultimate food critic, my dad! whose fav channel is 703 the AFC (Ayah Fav Channel) haha! and who also happened to finished up all my bolognese. Hehe! At last my craving was fulfilled, my tummy was full, (hopefully I can still wear my jeans), and I am very, very happy =)

My Macaroni Bolognise. nyummeyh!


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