Trust- worth it?

Hello. I know it has been ages I have not contributed anything to this blog. Anyhow today would be my last entry for 2010 and I'd like to share this cool black and white artistic image above. Can u see a word from that piece of pattern? Yes, before the blog is fill with dust and rust the topic is about trust.

TRUST. It is something so easy to say but yet so arduous to attain. Yes you want trust to last. However there is no vouch that it will adhere in a long period of time. Sometimes in worst scenario it does not exist at all. Metaphorically speaking trust is like a balloon. To enable the balloon to float in the air, you got to fill it with air. So in order for you to gain trust you have to learn to trust back. Apparently it takes just a minute to destroy trust but consumes longer time to gain it. Now applying back to the balloon metaphor with just a poke of a prickly object, POP! There goes away that balloon in a blink of an eye after all the hard work of filling it with air. *sigh* Damaged and torn into pieces on the cold marbled floor :-(

In other words every effort in building that trust foundation will collapse in just a split second after a looong gazillion years added those tears, thousands of quarrels and countless reconciliations. But demolish that worry and wary my friend, because in life there is a thing called Karma and it will do you justice eventually. Trust yourself first before you can open up to trust others. Of course I’ve heard of the quote [DTA] Don’t Trust Anybody because yeah it is a risky world out there and it is definitely NOT eee-zeyh!


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