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Today it was raining heavily and it was pouring endlessly, it has been raining for long hours and several days. The cloud was dark, the atmosphere was soaked with gloomy air and solitude reigns. Yes sadness refused to make his way out to the exit door of my purpled room. It lingers more often and creeps into my vein instantly. As I watched the rain dropped on my window a sudden tear dropped on my cheek. The room was filled with intensity of sad vibe as my ears were serenaded by melancholy music which helped me to convinced myself that I was indeed depressed.

I know that everybody is bestow with problems which supposedly used as a mechanism in human learning and growing process. Nevertheless this time around this problem seems to dominates my mind and affects my equilibrium. Hence I am sad. Correction no I am not sad, I am
BEING sad. Mentioning on the subject matter of sadness, my good friend Mija used to correct me in using the right and proper words to address ones feelings. She says using different words does make a huge different on the way we look at things. You are not sad you are just being sad. Thus by inserting the word BEING inevitably signifies that the sadness is only temporary and it will go away sooner or later, instead of putting yourself as the main subject of sadness. Even though now she's far away in Doha, Qatar I would always remember her words of wisdom. Thanx Mija for correcting me and opening me up to a new perspective and always been there for me in the past.

I guess depression and devastation is part and parcel of life. Everybody will go through another sorrow chapter with probably different event, stage, script and actors. Life is like a spinning roulette where you gotta take the risk because the circle will eventually bring you back to the same point you've been before. Don't be afraid to fall and moreover don't be afraid to cry. My dearest friend Bana once said to me that, "
you just gotta think of something bigger to demolish the smaller petty things that are poisoning your brain cell". My friend also quoted and dedicated Ne Yo's song to me; So You Can Cry (parts of lyrics below) to unruffled the tangled heart. Well thank you for another word of encouragement my friend.

Some random person also told me to set my mind that
"not everything that we plan is a prerequisite to our happiness". If it fails and falls take a chill pill and move on. I know its easier to said than done but somehow you gotta have faith and confidence in yourself to walk thru this pebbled, jagged, bumpy and rough path that we called life. My friend Modjo on the other hand always reminds me to live life to the fullest! Just as I thought I was all alone in my dark bleak room, locking up myself from the world here comes all the people who were actually there to aid me when i'm down in the dumps. There are alot of people who cherish me hence I shall not remain in this kingdom of misery as it brings me nothing but destruction. So long sadness, it is sad to say that I'm officially OVER you!

Life isn't long.
There will be pain but life goes on.
With everyday a brand new song.
But if you'd rather stay at home
let me do you a favor.

I'll ask the sun to shine away from you today so you can cry.
(If that's what you want, alright.)
I'll ask the clouds to bring the rain for you today so you can cry.
(If that's what you want, alright.)

I know that healing takes time.
Even your heart has a phase.
Ah, but how much time are you gonna take?
Too much would be a mistake.


iamstradust said...

love this "it is sad to say that I'm officially OVER you!"


Anonymous said...

awesome stuff! keep it up! I like ur writing! =)

Seriously, u dun wanna know! said...

oh thank you people =) n btw Merrjlvinci? hmm..sounds very2 familiar i tink i got ur badge frm modjo couple of months bck? hmm...

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