Bake-Cake. colourful cuppies anyone?

My Colorful Vanilla Cup Cakes with heart-shaped toppings =)

Cuppie cakes being heated in the oven

My first baby cuppie out from the oven

The egg and butter the important ingredients

The bday gal (bunny head) with her gift, Burberry Sheer Parfum.

Baking cupcakes has actually been listed in my To Do List during the hols. Woohoo! to my surprise (and everyone else especially my mom) my very first attempt of baking cup cakes turned out to be a success! Well at least i proved some people wrong that it doesn't mean if i dun cook fancy dishes im lousy at the kitchen. I took the recipe from a friend who happens to be quite pro in this industry (tq sifu!)hehe. In addition the fact that i did it all by myself would deemed this as an official self-achievement. *round of applause* haha. Not to sound cocky or anything but honestly cooking and kitchen is so not my thang! Not that im incompetent towards this culinary field but i'd say that im more expert in finishing up the meal rather than preparing it. hehe. Nevertheless baking cupcake requires some patience, no i rephrase actually ALOT of patience. Moreover u do need passion to corroborate with ur patience =)

The whole idea came about when i voluntarily offered myself to bake cupcakes when my mom asked me on what to do and get for my sister's bday (on 5 May and rite now she's celebrating her bday in Hong Kong Disneyland). Well to compensate quarelling time with my sister besides to make a point that i can bake without getting anyone diarrhea i took the challenge! Taa-daa! a vanilla with colorful heart shaped toppings cupcakes were made by these two hands of mine *smirk* My sister was tremendously overwhelmed by my effort. My family, my mom especially was astonished by the result. hehe. But for me i felt i accomplished something which is very new to me and it made me feel good. Self satisfaction plays an essential role in boosting and increasing ones self-esteem infact it makes u feel happy;)

Furthermore I purposely chose the heart-shaped toppings as it symbolises sentimental, affection and love values that i have towards my family. They are like the colourful toppings on my cupcakes because my family colours up my life and without them it'd be also like baking a cake without butter or egg. You're just missing the most important ingredient. Hence just cherish the moments you have with your love ones, make them happy, make them a cake! haha. However it doesnt matter what you give the main key is your thought that matters isn't it? and when you make other people happy eventually you will gain happiness in return. So what are you waiting for bake a cake!

p/s: For more details and recipe do contact me. haha.


wana said...

ive always been a big fan of cuppies! esp when they have like super bright colours on them. yum yum! eh babe, do drop by at my blog yah? kisses hugs!

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