I Rrreoww... Do You?

the roar

the meow

is a combination of roar n meow, in between a lion and a cat, the wildness and the tameness. It signifies fiestiness but yet potrays cuteness.
There's the element of naughty and innocent playing the role of Miss You-treat-me-like-an-angel-and-i'll-be-ur-lil-devil. hehe ;) In other words its a perfect balance of not being too fierce or too fragile. Im a sinner, Im a saint and i do not feel ashame. Well hey let's be honest everyone is not born with halo on their heads or worse born with spiky tails and fangs. It is up to us to mould our character may it be good or bad. Because at the end of the day you can lie to others but NOT to urself. And personally i think Rrreoww just sounds sexay! *emphasize more on the rrrr* ;)

Nhow frankly this is my very first attempt in writing a blog. I'd love to explore this new way of conveying and expressing ones emotions..as i am indeed the conventional journal type of gal (I had it since i was 10 years old). Well i mean like why not get involve with the technology, perhaps I shall expand my horizons and embrace the satisfaction after. In fact my friend who reckon this 'possible new interest' to me says, "My little sister aged 9 and her friends are so obsessed with blogs they wrote about evrything even about school toilets!" oh my, i remember during my time the only available mode of interacting besides house phones is the snail mail. haha. Nways i'll indulge and sacrifice myself with this blogging thingy more often as i'll be having my semester break for approximately 2 months from now. Thus I'd definitely keep attacking with more sizzling but refreshingly original stuff together with my claws n paws ;)


wana said...

babeeeee i love ur english!!! hw i wish i cn write as gud as u!

Seriously, u dun wanna know! said...

hey thanx wana =) i take dat as a compliment but babe i hv sooo many things to learn abt blog. u gotta teach how to customize d page n stuff.. i want it 2b as attractive n amazing as urs! hehe.

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