Brokenhearted hero-THE IRONMAN 2! (seriously, like literally)

There's a hero in everyone of YOU

Iron Laydeyh goin off to the cinema with her suit ;)

Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk..” – Tony Stark

Quoted from Ironman 1. I particularly like that quote because it somehow illustrates a motivational and inspirational aspect. Today I went for a late nite movie with my family and yes obviously it’s the continuation of Ironman1 hence 2. Finally I managed to get tix after 3 disappointing visits to the cinema as it was packed and horded as hell. Phew! Yea what do you expect it is indeed the first week the movie was shown. The movie overall consist of unchallenging roller-coaster ride, some comical dialogue, star-studded and narcissism.

Furthermore that villain guy (quite decent for a bad guy I must say) Whiplash or Ivan Vanko actually reminds me of ‘Undertaker’ from WWF. No no, not the wildlife organization the World Wrestling Federation. Haha. (Yes I used to be a big fan and it became a constant addiction, tnx to my bro’s influence) But I have to give credit to the make up artist for putting excellent effort in making him look like one up-to-date stylish antagonist. I mean it’s kinda cool with appealing highlites on his hair and of course the fully tattooed body. Owh I loike! I have a fetish for hot-bod hunk with tattoos e.g: Wentworth Miller in Prison break!! *drools*

I was rather captivated with the witty jokes besides the melee action and Scarlett’s fabulous bod! *jaw-dropping* In my point of view the script writer did a god job in preparing a brilliant counter-response dialogue. Not only it symbolizes metal power but also denotes mental power. I presume, those two essential powers suppose to come jointly or simultaneously in order to be somebody and not just anybody. It is the essence to survive or to smell triumph in life. To be a superhero in ones life you gotta have the strength, the brain and also the faith. However you gotta be a hero to YOURSELF first before you can be to others. It’s like what they say, you are what u believe and believe what you are ought to be. Impossible is nothing. If you think you failed, well my friend think again without failure you are never a better winner. Even Ironman makes mistakes, heart broken like literally and that hero can also bleed. Thus be that hero who makes mistakes, bleeds and eat strawberries. Because let me tell you this, believe it when I say there’s a hero that rest in each and everyone of us and we ain’t need any DRON or Ironsuit to verify that. Period.

*Hero by Mariah Carey on the background* hehe ;)


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